Breaking Your Shoulds

Your shoulds are making you miserable. These shoulds are part of the human experience; you can choose another way. Break out of these shoulds and create a life where your well-being is flourishing, your mind is strengthening, and you are living a connected, authentically-you life. It is hard work, true, and it is also where we find our wholeness.

Are you living by “shoulds?” Take this quiz.

Do you find yourself:

  • Disappointedly asking, “This is it? This is my life?”
  • Looking great on paper, but feeling emptiness and that something is missing
  • Finding yourself in hollow, meaningless relationships with the same type of person repeatedly
  • Joylessly striving in stagnant careers
  • Weighed down by tumultuous family situations
  • Overwhelmed and wishing you weren’t so sensitive
  • Feeling isolated, lonely, or different even when around other people

What will a braver authentic life look like?

  • Gaining wisdom and healing from heartbreak
  • Embracing and nurturing your innate sensitivity
  • Understanding how / what / who has shaped the You you see today
  • Finding your inner voice, not the one given to you by your family, classmates, or society
  • Cultivating emotionally-healthy, wholehearted relationships, first with yourself and then with others
  • Expecting, accepting and allowing imperfections
  • Showing up and being seen, heard and valued
  • Standing strong and having integrity; feeling proud of your individual and true path

If that all sounds overwhelming or too hard, know that you can do it. You are worth it. I’ve been there and done it myself. When you are reaching for your potential the whole world benefits. We need brave souls now perhaps more than ever.

Will that be you? Let’s get started. Let’s make joy habitual.

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